Annual Reports and our financials provide a snapshot of the programs and activities for each calendar year, as well as financial and public information about PursuitSAFETY. Founded June 30, 2007, in Chico, California, PursuitSAFETY® received its federal tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code March 28, 2008. Our Bylaws

Working Together to Save Lives
We say “Thank You” to organizations, businesses, and individuals who work with PursuitSAFETY! They provide valuable services in the interest of making our roads safer. Please visit these web sites by clicking on the images below:

Take a look at this list of the businesses and individuals who give their time, talent, and financial support to PursuitSAFETY:

XHAUSTR Industries aligns with PursuitSAFETY’s mission and goal to stop a pursuit before it starts. This association is not an endorsement, but XHAUSTR has been found effective in limiting pursuits.