Need a Speaker? Contact Candy Priano 530-343-9754 or Each speaker keeps their own schedule. Their contact information is available here. PursuitSAFETY’s speakers — career officers and civilians — reach out to a variety of audiences: police officers, teen drivers, and the public. They’ve spoken at law enforcement conferences, community centers, churches, and universities. We share our stories about the tragedy of innocent lives lost to pursuit. Civilians express shock that change has been so slow especially given that the lives of innocent bystanders as well as police officers are “thrust” into this deadly situation to catch and release nonviolent suspects. PursuitSAFETY’s speakers share their life experiences and how these experiences relate to PursuitSAFETY’s mission: to prevent the tragedy of pursuit from happening to another family; and consequently, save lives. “We bring a powerful message to the world of law enforcement,” Candy Priano says. “Officers thank us.”

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  • Candy Priano

    Chief. Rich Schardan, Ret., Maryville, IL; and Candy Priano, PursuitSAFETY founder & victim services director team up in St. Louis.

    “I was helpless to save my daughter Kristie’s life,” says Candy Priano. “So I work to correct the problem that caused her tragedy. I want no one else to have to suffer the pain my family endures.” Candy’s passion lies with the mission of PursuitSAFETY—to reduce the number of unnecessary vehicular pursuits, so no other person has to suffer the pain of the death or injury of someone they love. Pursuits of nonviolent offenders too often kill the innocent and are the most difficult to comprehend, leaving questions unanswered about the need for such chases for the family members left behind. With assistance from others, Candy founded and became Victim Services Director of PursuitSAFETY. She is committed to saving lives—the lives of both innocent bystanders and police officers

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  • Esther Seoanes

    Esther Seoanes, PursuitSAFETY executive director, engages an audience in Dallas, TX.

    Esther joined PursuitSAFETY’s Governing Board April 3, 2013. Since that time she has participated in strategic planning, managed the 2014 Safer Way Award review process, and served as media relations coordinator. Her collaboration with Candy has led her to host Candy in her own home in Austin and to travel to Chico, California, making friends of Candy’s cats and sharing her own small dogs with Candy, who was only too eager to snuggle with them. Esther and Candy work as a team as they add and expand PursuitSAFETY programs while defining a more effective division of roles. Candy continues to expand PursuitSAFETY’s victims’ advocacy program, where, she says, “my heart lies.”

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  • Tom Gleason, Ret. Capt.

    Instructor Tom Gleason, Ret. Capt. ( Tallahassee, FL.

    As a retired captain, Tom Gleason’s training classes focus in the areas of human diversity, patrol procedures, firearms, police pursuit policies, and handling the mentally ill. Attendee to his classes have written, “Tom Gleason showed extensive knowledge in this area as well as other subject areas such as officer safety. He showed interest in every student.” “Everyone needs to attend this training. Very interactive!”

  • David Ehrensperger

    David Ehrensperger with his late son, Steven. From Alabama, David, a board member, speaks to officers about response calls.

    David Ehrensperger serves on PursuitSAFETY’s Board of Directors. He has been a member of the organization since early 2008, after his son Steven was killed in late 2007 by an officer responding to a potential prowler call.

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  • Ret. Richard "Rich" Schardan Sr.

    Chief Schardan presented “Police Pursuit Policy and Practice: Risk vs. Reward” at the 2011 IACP Conference.

    As a retired police chief, Richard “Rich” Schardan Sr. has 36 years of law enforcement experience. He has served as an Illinois Certified Police Chief, IACP New Police Chief Mentor, Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis Deputy Commander, college instructor, and board member for numerous law enforcement related organizations. Chief Schardan presented “Police Pursuit Policy and Practice: Risk vs. Reward” at the 2011 IACP Conference. He holds a Master’s Degree in Management and a Bachelor’s Degree in the Administrative of Justice. Rich is the program administrator for the PursuitSAFETY Safer Way Award.




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