Ball for Brian CollageEvery year Brian DeWitt’s friends and family take us out to the ballpark and financially support PursuitSAFETY. We are so grateful to everyone involved in this event. Family and friends fill this September day with memories of a young man whose life was taken way too soon. The love for Brian fills one’s heart. Pictured in this collage (on the right) are (clockwise, starting at the top, Debbie Dewitt with her son Brian. She described Brian as funny and smart. “He had a huge smile and amazing hugs,” she told Candy. At the bat is a home run hitter. Outdoor shots covering multiple playing fields. As this event grows, so do the number of fields. Debbie and Maria Anchacles, one of the main organizers of this year’s event, take a break to pose for a snapshot. A friend, Brett Prockish, gave flowers to Debbie! To learn more about how Brian became an innocent victim of pursuit, click here and visit a tribute page in honor of Brian at

  2018 Bags For Brian

Every year Brian DeWitt’s friends and family take us out to the ballpark as a fundraising event to financially support PursuitSAFETY. Since 2017, the family decided to do more of a bags or Cornhole tournament. The event continues to raise a significant amount of money and has donated again this year to PursuitSAFETY and has done so for the last 6 years. We here at PursuitSAFETY are so-o-o grateful to everyone who supports this annual event that shines the park lights on ‘Baseball for Brian.’

Their donations go toward our educational programs. Without their donations, we wouldn’t be where we are today and able to provide family members and injured innocent victims a safe place they can turn to for the support they need.

Deborah DeWitt says, “Our lives will never be the same without Brian. My heart is broken and saying goodbye to my sweet son was the hardest thing I had to do in my life. He was such a loving son and brother and friend to all. He was funny and smart and popular and handsome. He always had a huge smile and big cheeks and gave everyone amazing hugs.”

    Love: Brian’s Family & Friends “It was an honor and a privilege for my husband Mark (back, left) and me (far left) to attend the 2015 ‘Baseball for Brian’ event!” said Candy Priano. “Brian has awesome friends and the most loving family. The memory of this day will always be close to my heart, perhaps because it was Brian’s birthday, too.” Also pictured from second left are Brian’s sister Cindy, his mom and dad Debbie and John, and sister Jessica (front).

      2014 Baseball For Brian



2013 Baseball For Brian

Baseball for Brian 2013

      The sweetest baseball team! Maria Anchacles said, “Three years ago today, Oct. 5, 2010, we lost one of our greatest friends, Brian DeWitt, but today we remembered him by playing one of his favorite games. Thank you to everyone who came out and participated, cheered, and donated. We raised over $1,000 for PursuitSAFETY and are happy our angel held off on the rain until the end.”


                      Balloons are released after family and friends sing “Happy Birthday” to Brian, September 26.