Meet David Pienta

PursuitSAFETY is fortunate that David agreed to blog for us. He, too, wants to save lives. His blog will run Tuesdays!

David represents many in law enforcement who sign up for this challenging profession to help people in their time of need. He has worked in the criminal justice industry for eleven years as an application developer and has served as a law enforcement officer for five years. He holds two positions, one with a law enforcement/federal government consulting firm in Tallahassee and as an officer for a major university police department. David also served as a Class I Reserve Deputy with the Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office.

He expanded his knowledge through his involvement with other programs, including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), Tribe and Territory Sex Offender Registration Program (TTSORS), VALOR for Blue, and Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT).

An avid sports fan, David enjoys being a sports official (referee). He serves as a volunteer judge for the Leon County Teen Court program but tells stories about his previous work with the leagues from Little League to non-conference D-I.

David is a certified Florida CJSTC Instructor and is certified to teach NRA Pistol Safety & Basics of Pistol Shooting, Below 100, SABRE Aerosol Pepper Spray for LEOs, De-escalation Techniques Officer Safety Basics, Anti-Ambush Tactics and Case Studies, and Recognizing and Preventing Complacency.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida State University in Management Information Systems. David graduated from the Florida Public Safety Institute (Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy).

Opinion: If Only

If only we had more law enforcement officers like Larry Trent, director of the Illinois State Police. He not only has the insight to understand the issues PursuitSAFETY is bringing to the public’s attention, he has the courage and ability to call for a stop to a behavior that has cost too many precious lives already. If we had such a “top cop” in my state of Alabama, my son Steven might still be with me.

Volunteer Extraordinaire Remembered

Brenda never bragged about all she did for PursuitSAFETY, so I will do that now. The phone rang one morning, and it was clear the caller lived in the South. I noticed her determination to keep Steven’s life in the forefront so others would not have to endure the same pain caused by an unnecessary police response call.

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