Take These Ads Off The Air

It began on Super Bowl Sunday when Toyota, a well-respected company, did the unthinkable: aired and continued airing irresponsible video ads glamorizing police chases.

All of us at PursuitSAFETY declared Toyota Prius ads:

  • disrespectful
  • insensitive
  • childish
  • anti-public safety
  • anti-road safety.
These ads do not promote a product; they PROMOTE A CRIME!

Click here to watch one of the Toyota Ads. But come back here, and help us get more letters to Toyota Headquarters!

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E-mail addresses to corporate execs at Toyota.

Click here to read my letter and other examples of letters that you can modify and send to Toyota Executives. Feel free to use any part of these letters.

Thank you for being part of the solution.

Read Toyota's response to not only my letter but to others who wrote asking Toyota to take these ads off the air. We all received their same shameful response (see below):

Toyota's response