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Safer Way Award LogoPursuitSAFETY's Safer Way Award® recognizes law enforcement officers and department leaders from the United States and Canada who reduce reliance on vehicular police pursuits by finding safer ways to apprehend suspects.

Xhauster PursuitSAFETY thanks XHAUSTR Industries for its support of the award. They presented an XHAUSTR Kit to the Safer Way Award winners, beginning in 2016.

Questions? Contact the program's administrator, Rich Schardan (Ret. Maryville, IL, Police Chief). E-mail:

Volunteer's Idea Becomes Reality
A PursuitSAFETY volunteer + an idea = The Safer Way Award

Volunteer Michelle Toon Kamel submitted the idea and a proposal for the Safer Way Award to PursuitSAFETY. The PursuitSAFETY Advisory Board immediately supported Michelle's idea. Everyone understood why this award was needed: to save the lives of innocent bystanders and police officers.

Michelle became involved with PursuitSAFETY after the death of her uncle, Johnny Kallmeyer, an innocent bystander, killed as a result of a police pursuit in Ohio, September 2, 2007.


Award Recipients by Year
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For five years PursuitSAFETY has given its annual Safer Way Award to caring, responsible law enforcement officers. We are grateful to these officers, who work very hard to make our roads safer for all of us. Scroll down this column to see who they are and what they did.

2015 Safer Way Award® Winners
Chicago Police Officers 2015 SWAChicago Police Officers (L-R) Larry Brezinski, Alex Zayas, Ronni Kane, and Tomasz Zatora of District 18. These officers apprehended three armed suspects in a car and did so without a pursuit. Every decision made was motivated by safety:
from their clear communications, the stop location, and the procedure used to successfully apprehend the armed suspects. For more of the story, click here.

2014 Safer Way Award® Winners
Port Angeles, WA, Police Officers 2014 SWA
Port Angeles, WA, Police Officers (L-R) Cpl. David Dombrowski, Deputy Chief Brian Smith, and (inset) Sgt. Glen Roggenbuck, who was unable to attend the ceremony, captured a wanted federal felon without a pursuit. The operation attracted the attention of PursuitSAFETY because of careful precautions taken to demobilize the suspect's vehicle. For more of the story, click here.

2013 Safer Way Award® Winner
2013 Las Vegas Department SWALas Vegas Metropolitan Police (L-R) Lt. John Farrell and Sgt. Dave Sims received the Safer Way Award on behalf of the department. LVMPD earned the award for revamping its policy and establishing a Pursuit Review Committee. These and other changes continue to save lives of police officers and civilians. For more of the story, click here.

2012 Safer Way Award® Winner
2012 Dallas Department SWADallas Police Assistant Chief Randall Blankenbaker received the Safer Way Award on behalf of the department. Dallas PD earned the award because of their restrictive pursuit policy and training. Blankenbaker said, "The policy and training remind officers that alternatives to pursuit exist and that additional resources are available to bring offenders to justice in a safer, more controlled manner." For more of the story, click here.

2011 Safer Way Award® WinnersSt. Louis Officers 2011 SWA
PursuitSAFETY presented its 2011 Safer Way Award to the St. Louis County Police Department in recognition of the work done by two detectives (L-R) Justin Adams and John Conrardy. These detectives thought "outside the box," using alternative methods to capture thieves, who would wait at a rest stop to break into unattended, locked cars. They stole such items as iPhones and cameras. St. Louis County's pursuit policy does not allow chases for property crimes, so these detectives said, "Let's find another way." They did. For more of the story, click here.