Examples of Deadly Pursuits
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What to Do When Stopped by Police?

Although several specific studies have analyzed the issue of risk in police vehicular pursuits, the following examples may further serve to lend emphasis to the human dimension of real incidents:

  • Two youths driving a stolen car and fleeing police lost control. The car left the roadway and went through a home killing the elderly woman inside and the two teenagers in the car.

  • A police officer saw kids drinking in a public park and pursued their pickup. The teens crashed and the unsecured passenger was ejected from the open truck bed and killed.

  • A teen driving her mother's car without permission fled police and crashed into a family, killing their 15-year-old daughter.

  • A rural deputy sheriff pursued a stolen car driven by two youths at high speed into curves until the car left the roadway and went into a home killing the elderly woman inside and the two teenagers in the car.

  • A 13-year-old girl fleeing from the police in her parents' pickup truck struck another vehicle at a high rate of speed. She killed a young mother while she sat at a red light.

  • A 17-year-old flees from police while driving with a suspended license. He crashes into another vehicle, killing the 33-year-old mother the day after her daughter's birthday.



Presentation for Teen Drivers

Plus, 10 Things you should know.
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Pull Over; Have No Regrets will save lives.

The story of Rose Capela Bio

Plus, 10 Things you should know.
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PursuitSAFETY's national educational program, Pull Over; Have No Regrets, targets teen drivers. Most drivers who flee are between the ages of 13-25. Parents, educators, and the public of all ages need to teach younger drivers and understand themselves that fleeing police is much worse than the consequences for doing the right thing—pulling over.

Two teen killed fleeing policeWhen drivers flee from the police, many times it leads to death—their own, family & friends, and innocent bystanders.

Candy Priano connects with teens, and she welcomes the opportunity to team up with local police officers and/or EMTs to present a comprehensive presentation. Her 15-minute presentation is easily incorporated into any teen driver education program.

The #1 reason teens, not involved in a criminal act, flee is fear, i.e., fear that their parents will become angry at them if they get a ticket.

Pull Over; Have No Regrets needs to be included in all driver training classes for teens. Our two-sided flyer called "PursuitSAFETY's Prevention Flyer" is printable from the PursuitSAFETY Website (below). If one person makes the decision to pull over instead of fleeing from the police, then Pull Over; Have No Regrets is a success!